Bonnyrigg is a place where people of all ages can find a home together. We love to welcome visitors, so whether you’re studying or working in Edinburgh and living locally, just passing through or staying we’ll try our best to make you feel really welcome here.

Every now and again we make time to have lunch together as a congregation and these are great occasions, not to be missed.


“For more information on any changes to current service times see our home page notices”

Sunday Worship Service: We meet at 10.00am every Sunday morning for our service the service lasts around an hour or so. We use a variety of praise in our worship, love children to be involved and a significant part of our time together is taken up with teaching from the Bible. We believe that God speaks through the Bible to us and by His Holy Spirit shapes our lives. Our challenge then is to live out the message of His Word in the week that lies ahead. Our services are a time to worship, pray and grow together as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.

During this service the DJ Club looks after our primary school-age children, across the road in the halls, where there’s structure activities and time for some games. A crèche is available for pre-school children.


DJ Club

The DJ Club meet on a Sunday morning during our 10am service. Children and families can meet in Church and join us for family worship before the children leave for DJ Club in the Pitcairn Centre.

Our Group is aimed at children of a primary school age (5-12 years) and the ethos of the group is to learn about our faith, while making friends and having fun.

The Group is a very informal and relaxed Group and all new members are welcome. We take part in lots of games and arts and crafts activities, with themes taken from what we learn in Church.

The DJ Club celebrate all major events in the Christian calendar, with Easter and Christmas being important times for us. However, we also focus on other events in our Church calendar and like to be actively involved in all that is important in our Church.

The children in our DJ Club are active members of our Church and play an important role in our Church family. We always welcome new children and families to our Group.

Contact Details; -

Jenny Fepulea 07908 529 810  aiesijenf@yahoo.com

Youth Group

Bonnyrigg Youth Group meets on the second Sunday of each month from 7pm to 9pm in the Pitcairn Centre (except during the summer holidays).

There is a mixture of games, chat, snacks and a focus on a relevant topic in relation to the bible.

It is inter-denominational with youth and leaders from different churches as well as Bonnyrigg Parish Church.

New members are always welcome.

For more information on the Youth Group contact:-

Ali Wilson at weeali1000@gmail.com  07846 581088

Prayer Time

We love opening our church doors each Wednesday as a place of space for people

Our Private Prayer time is open to all between 10:00am & 12:00pm each Wednesday morning

If your looking for a time to think, a period of prayer or reflection or you just enjoy the stillness of the church or even a wee chat you will be made most welcome.

Please do drop in.

Life Events

Celebrations are a great part of life and there are certain times when it is appropriate to hold those celebrations in the church.

Parents often want to thank God for the safe arrival of a new baby either through a thanksgiving and dedication service or by having their baby baptised and we are glad to make arrangements, where possible, for this to happen at Bonnyrigg.

The church also provides a natural setting for weddings to take place. When there is a special wedding anniversary some couples like to renew their wedding vows and this can also be done at Bonnyrigg.

As well as celebrations, there are other more sorrowful occasions that require to be marked and the church is from time to time the venue for a funeral or thanksgiving service.

In each of the above occasions, a service is prepared that will reflect the love and care of God for you and your family, whatever the event.

You will always be encouraged to meet with the minister when preparing for these services.

Of course, you don’t have to wait until one of these life events happens before coming along to Bonnyrigg, you’d be most welcome any Sunday.



When a baby is born, there is much cause for celebration and thankfulness to God for the gift of such a precious life.

If you are new to Church, it may be that you have children whom you would now like to have baptised even though they are older. That’s great and we’d love to hear from you.

Baptisms are normally held as part of the Family Sunday service which begins at 10.00am.

If you would like to have your child baptised, then please be in touch with us and the minister will be very glad to meet up with you and discuss the best way to take your request forward.

Contact the minister using the contact form.



Congratulations! You’ve decided to get married – you’ve made one of the most important decisions of your life!

If you would like to be married at Bonnyrigg or have our minister take your service elsewhere, then please be in touch with us via the contact form below.

The minister will be delighted to meet with you and discuss your wedding with you. Before you finalise a date for the service and reception you will need to make sure that the minister is available.

Contact the minister using the contact form.



The death of someone you love is often a difficult time, even if their death is not unexpected. You may find yourself having to arrange a funeral and wondering how to go about that. You may also wonder whether to contact a minister or not.

Please feel free to contact the minister directly or via the undertaker if you would like them to conduct the funeral service. You do not need to be a member of the church for the minister to lead the service. The minister will then arrange a time to meet with you and, if you wish, other members of your family to discuss and plan the funeral service .

You can also ask the minister to visit during a long illness or as life is ending. This can often be a source of comfort, strength and help to a family.

The death of a loved one raises a whole range of emotions, even when the death itself is expected after a long and difficult time. Bonnyrigg will seek to support and care for you even beyond the funeral service, if you wish.

The Church of Scotland is a national church and as such has a pastoral responsibility, there will therefore never be a fee payable to a Parish Minister for conducting a funeral.

Contact the minister using the contact form.