Who's Who

Our Minister - Rev Louise Purden

Louise was Ordained and Inducted into Bonnyrigg Parish Church on Thursday 23rd January 2020

Louise may be contacted at minister@bonnyriggchurch.co.uk

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Session Clerk – Iain Thomson

Iain has served as our Session Clerk for the past 11 years, he is the official record keeper for the Kirk Session. His role involves preparing for Kirk session meetings and making all the appropriate arrangements for Communion Services, and generally supports the Minister and the work of the Kirk Session. Iain liaises with the Elders and the Roll Keeper to ensure that all members of the congregation have an Elder point of contact for the Kirk Session, through Elder Districts.

Iain may be contacted at sessionclerk@bonnyriggchurch.co.uk


Clerk to the Congregational Board

Our Clerk stepped down from the role late towards the end of 2019, having given over 10 year service in the role. We are currently seeking a replacement. Day to day matters are being monitored and managed by 

Church Secretary: Moira Gray

Congregational Board Chairman: Ross Whailin.


Treasurer - Carol Stewart

Carol has been our Treasurer for 33 years.

Her main duties are to ensure that our income is recorded and banked correctly, and that authorised payment are made promptly.

She liaises with both the Finance and Property Committees on all related matters, as well as maintained dialogues on all financial matters with both Church of Scotland Finance Team and Lothian Presbytery.


Secretary – Moira Gray

The Church Office is located in the Church Halls, across the road from the church.

0131 654 0140 officebonnyriggparishchurch@gmail.com

Moira is our church secretary whose main duties include preparing the weekly order of service and intimations, and dealing with day to day administrative matters. Moira is also our magazine editor, preparing the monthly magazine for printing and distribution.

The Church Office is open on Thursday – 10:00am – 1:00pm


Gift Aid / WFO Convenor – Gordon Lyall

Gordon looks after all the congregations needs relating to effective giving to the work of the church.

He manages the issue and recording of donation through numbered and dated WFO envelopes or by way of standing orders. He records and submits our claims to HMRC for Gift Aid.

If you wish to know more about effective giving, contact Gordon at GiftAid@bonnyriggchurch.co.uk

Gordon also serves as the convenor of the finance committee.


Property Convenor – George Lyall

George wears a number of hats within the church family.

As well as being convenor of the property committee, which looks after the maintenance of our fabric, fittings and equipment within the Church, the Halls and the Manse, he also manages our regular hall lets and any enquiries for new lets or occasional use.

When not dealing with property matters, he looks after the Pitcairn Centre, our drop in centre, offering tea, coffee and fellowship to all. The Centre is staffed by volunteers.

George can be contacted at windsong.lyall@gmail.com